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Ever since I was a child, I have been interested in fashion, design, style, colors, etc. If I didn't like the clothes my Barbies wore, I fashioned them ones to my liking. 
One would say I have an innate talent to create eye-pleasing, well-coordinated pieces. I channeled this talent into a hobby of miniatures. It started with building dollhouses and interior decor design. My girls requested figures to go with the dollhouses. It was only natural!
I began teaching myself sculpting out of polymer clay and costuming figures in 1/12th scale, anything from modern figures to period pieces and beyond. The teddy bears were just a matter of time as they quickly followed and, sure enough, it all turned into a business: craftsinminiature.
I have also been fortunate enough to fulfill custom orders for a base clientele who know and appreciate the quality of my work. I have been awarded artisanship by the IGMA in 2009. 
After an absence, I'm finally back to my passion and love of creating in miniature. 
Right now I'm posting photos of available items from past inventory. I will keep updating the website with new items as quickly as I create them. You can find my work on Instagram (@gianascollection) and on Facebook (@GianasCollection).

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